Rebellious Fashion: Campus Style

Fashion is all about expressing yourself and your style. It’s an art form of individualism and by exploring fashion’s diverse and rebellious history and returning to the present day around campus, you can see how far liberation has come and how people everywhere express themselves through their own individual style.

So we decided to see how students in the 21st century use their style to express themselves…

Campus Style:

style issue 13-louiseName: Morgan Crawford

Reading: French and Philosophy

Academic year: Fourth Year

Style Inspiration: ‘UNICORNS!’

style issue 13- louise 3

Name: Callum Neilson

Reading: English Literature and History

Academic year: 2nd Year

Style Inspiration: 90s grunge and old skater clothes

style issue 13- louise 2

Name: Charlotte Evans

Reading: Printed Textiles

Academic year: Third Year

Style Inspiration: My mum’s old clothes! I love to incorporate her old style and wearing a mix of contemporary and vintage


Images: Louise Arron (Completely Candid) 

Cover Image:

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