VANT @ The Wardrobe, 25/2/17

From the moment I walked down the red-tinged stairs of The Wardrobe and into the main gig area, I could tell the crowd was raring to go. As the warm-up act were playing their delicately deep songs, kids were pushing and shoving to get to the front: eager to get the first glimpse of VANT and make it into the heart of the mosh pit.

Finally, the lights dimmed to a plush red, and the band made their appearance on stage. Although things got a little crowded at times, the raw energy and excitement of the crowd along with the vibrancy of VANT themselves made sure everyone witnessing the performance were undeniably enjoying the gig.

Nevertheless, there were a few hiccups. Stopping sets to shout at the bouncer made for a slightly awkward watch (it can’t be easy preventing a room full of thunderous teens from going too overboard); and the name-dropping of buzz words “punk movement” added a slightly pretentious edge to the otherwise top-class music. Shuffling some monopoly money out into the audience was a bit of a no-go for me also.

Other than that, though, the music was good, the atmosphere was incredible, and I left The Wardrobe with the satisfied feeling of a successful gig in my stomach. Overall: a tight band and music with a message (see their recent album PEACE&LOVE) – what’s not to love?

Emily Moscrop

(Image: Too Many Blogs)

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