Donals Glover: everything the light touches is his kingdom

Actor, rapper, comedian, writer: Donald Glover is a man of many talents. And impersonating a small furry animal is now one of them as Glover is set to voice Simba in the new live-action remake of the Disney favourite The Lion King. Director Jon Favreau, who also worked on the likes of Iron Man and The Jungle Book, announced the casting on twitter last week, posting a photo of Glover with the caption ‘I just can’t wait to be king. #Simba’. The casting seems to have been largely approved by everyone and Donald will be starring alongside James Earl Jones, the original Mufasa.

All in all, this seems to be the next logical step for Glover as he’s previously had mostly minor roles in increasingly larger films and shows. Whilst most people will know him as Troy from the hit show Community, you may also know him from the TV show Girls where he played Average White Woman ’s love interest Sandy, rocket scientist Rich Purnell in Matt Damon’s The Martian, Andre in Magic Mike XXL and has even voiced the character Marshall Lee in Adventure Land. Not only this but Glover also created, co-wrote and starred in the multi-award winning TV show Atlanta for which he won a Golden Globe. The show has recently been renewed for its second season. Not only does the man clearly possess impressive acting talents but his most recent album Awaken, My Love, released under the alias of Childish Gambino, is his highest charting album yet, debuting at #5 on the Billboard 200.

Whilst the film doesn’t yet have a release date it is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated of all the live-action remakes and with this under his belt Glover is sure to rise further into the heady heights of stardom.

Olivia Raine

(Image courtesy of Blavity)

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