Fleetmac Wood ‘Rumours Rave’ at Belgrave 03/03

It is not often there is an event to celebrate an album released in the 70s. But given the status ‘Rumours’ has as undoubtedly one of the best albums of all time, it is unsurprising that a considerable amount of diehard fans decided to celebrate the anniversary of its release by ‘raving’ in its honour.

Belgrave was far from full when I arrived at 11pm to the event, but what was clear is that the people there were there to stay. Just from the dancing it was evident that everyone was in their absolute element and adoring the novelty of hearing Fleetwood Mac on a night out.

The start of the night was a tad underwhelming as the big hits were held back and the more electronic elements of the DJ’s music was dominant over the choruses everyone wanted to belt out. But then, out of absolutely nowhere, Fleetmac Wood dropped in one of the best mixes of ‘Never Going Back Again’ that I could ever hope to hear. Perfectly balancing such a pivotal song whilst keeping elements of modern club music cannot have been easy, but they pulled it off with effortless finesse. This caliber was only matched by their rendition of ‘The Chain’ later on in the night.

Belgrave was brimming with energy and yet, I hate to say it, I was done after 2 hours. It seems that even with a fantastic crowd and smatterings of fantastic mixes the electronic side of the DJ duo’s sound made the night a tad monotonous. Saying that, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I was there, and respect to Fleetmac Wood to the moon and back for keeping the music that I adore relevant today.

Ben Roberts

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