Even though LGBT month is now behind us, any day is a good day to celebrate LGBT accomplishments and take time to appreciate LGBT beauty gurus who inspire thousands of people around the world each day. Whether you’re lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or drag there is a role model for you! The fashion and beauty community has progressed faster in terms of acceptance, allowing diversity to shine. Thanks to their large social media platforms these gurus are giving people the confidence to express their true selves.

Not only do these gurus offer emotional support and courage to their viewers by sharing their stories, they have all found success by embracing their individuality. For instance, with a little over 16 million views on her coming out story and 3 million subscribers Ingrid Nilsen is one of the most popular lesbian lifestyle and beauty vloggers, Gigi Gorgeous released a film in which she documented her transition from male to female, and in January Manny MUA became the first ever male Maybelline spokesman. Furthermore, Nikita Dragun and Thomas Halbert, who are still students, proved that you don’t need to have graduated or left an educational environment in order to reveal your true self, and finally Miss Fame, who gained popularity thanks to RuPaul’s Drag Race, continues to share the art of drag through her Youtube and Instagram.

But above all, they are extremely talented makeup artists who defy society’s preconceived views of beauty and normality, which in my opinion, makes them more beautiful.

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Sally Galula

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