In The Middle with Broken Witt Rebels

Mark my words, Broken Witt Rebels are going to be absolutely HUGE in a few years. Where modesty seems to be the rock star style these days Danny Core (lead singer) exudes charisma, Brummy charm and arrogance in equal measure to make for the frontman rock has been holding out for. Nothing demonstrates that more than when I asked him about who the mastermind of the band is and he replied “why not, I am”; Noel Gallagher eat your heart out ey.

A burning question I had to ask was whether Kings of Leon are a huge influence on the band. With a voice as similar Danny’s is to Caleb of Kings of Leon, it seemed like a no brainer that the Brummy lads have listened to them on repeat since they were children. But when questioned about it Danny modestly says, “To be mentioned alongside them is overwhelming.  Everyone has to sound like someone.”

One of the jewels in the crown of successes the band has achieved has been getting track of the week on Radio X with ‘Low’.  “We knew we had a hit on our hands when we wrote it [‘Low’] … they [Radio X] obviously have a good taste in music”. It is impossible to not be captivated by the attitude of the future rock star.

With the success of recent songs and selling out venues like Shepherds Bush Empire it’s unsurprising that he says that the band have ambitions to “play Glastonbury and Hyde Park and all them venues”. “I live and breathe music, it’s what drives me. It’s what makes me get up in the morning”: the words of an artist that truly deserves to achieve all of their goals.

Don’t be fooled though, these guys don’t just talk the talk; they’re willing to do almost anything to get on stage and win over some more fans. Danny explained what happened when the boys got invited over to the German metal festival, Wacken Open Air. “We turned up and got asked if we wanted to play on one of the main stages that day. We didn’t have any equipment with us but thought we’d go for it … So we ended up playing to 5000 headbangers in Germany with Union Jack guitars. It was a lot of fun”.

Obviously an interview with a musician these days is incomplete without a question about America’s overlord Trump. When questioned on his thoughts Danny says “I don’t think musicians should get involved with politics. I have my opinions but wouldn’t voice them because I don’t think they’re necessarily valid. I’m not a fan of political songs, I’ll leave that for Bono”.

What’s overwhelmingly clear whilst interviewing Danny is that he has every quality needed to get to the top of the music industry. The Brummy lad who “didn’t get properly into music until I [he was] 20” will surely be on the bedroom wall posters of rockstar wannabe kids in a few years. Go and see them at Brudenell Social Club, where Danny says “some of our [Broken Witt Rebels] best gigs have been”, before they start playing the O2 Academy.

Ben Roberts

(Image: Noble PR)

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