Ford Job Cuts Threaten UK Manufacturing

For many post Brexit fears of a revitalised economy appear to be fading with the latest manufacturing shock to hit the UK. Recent talk suggests that Ford, are likely cut over 1000 jobs at their Bridgend plant in South Wales. Ford have drawn up plans to cut 1160 jobs at its engine plant in Bridgend over the next four years citing a fall global demand as a contributing factor. However, it appears unlikely that this partial glut in demand was the only factor shaping the controversial decision. As it stands, the sigma engines made in Bridgend are exported to Germany, Spain, and other EU countries where they are installed in Focus, Mondeo and Fiesta models. Added to the likely abolition of tariff free access to the EU market the decision makes unfortunate sense. Ford is not the only company creating much industrial uncertainty in the UK. The recent takeover of Vauxhall by Peugeot, and the threat of further concessions on trade from Nissan is further threatening employment that is so vital to the UK economy. In the midst of this heightening turmoil the emphasis towards smooth and tactical Brexit negotiations towards U.K. Manufacturing is imperative. If this deal is conducted with haste, short optimism in the industry may fade, just as has happened in the past few months. Conducted in a manner that does not protect the interests of British industry, it could prove disastrous. These so un-delightful difficult dilemmas are what will shape the future of the UK economy, let’s hope we get them right.

By Matthew Brown

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