Students to protest against TEF

The march against the Teaching Excellence Framework will take place outside the union at 2pm on the 22nd March.

On the 22nd March at 2pm, there will be a student protest against the Teaching Excellence Framework.

The Teaching Excellence Framework is a series of reforms to Higher Education which are currently undergoing final discussion in the House of Lords. Their intention is to rank Higher Education institutions on their ‘teaching excellence’. In order to do that, they will look at the results of the NSS Survey, drop-out rates at the university, and the rates of employment or further study of students after graduation.

The TEF allows the creation of the Office for Students, a body which will not actually have any students in it, but will have the power to overrule the ability of Universities and Research Councils to teach what they want. It has led to widespread fear over the further decline of Arts subjects.

Jack Bozson, Leeds University’s School of History Representative, implored students to attend the demonstration agains the changes: “after discussion with all of the School Reps in the University, Melz and LUU have decided to hold a protest against the Teaching Excellence Framework and I think it’s so important for as many students to attend as possible!

“The TEF aims to treat us as consumers and not students. The emphasis is on money, not a good education. Also, the fact that the Government have given themselves the power to hold Universities to account on what they see as important to teach and what isn’t is extremely worrying.

“It will be so easy to get involved in this demonstration about something that affects every single student at this University and throughout the country, so please take the time to do it!

“Sign the petition when it comes out this week, attend the march on the 22nd, and let’s show our Chancellor in the House of Lords, as well as other students throughout the country, that we won’t let this go through unopposed!”

The march will take place in front of the Union building and will then proceed to the Senate. A letter letter will also be created and is intended to be signed by as many students and staff as possible before being presented to the University.

Polly Hatcher

(Image: The Independent)

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