The Best Business Degree of 2017

This week, QS, the global career and education network service released their yearly rankings of the best Universities in the world, broken down by subject and region. As the Business Section of this newspaper it is only natural that we report on what they ranked as the best degrees in Business and Management. Many of you reading this are probably business students at Leeds or simply hold an interest in the industry, so it’s important that we pay attention to what institutions are delivering it to us best. After all, business is what makes the world go round.

QS’s rankings put Harvard University in the top spot for the second year running. Given that Harvard is one of the most prestigious Universities in the world, it’s hardly a surprise that it’s the number one for Business and Management. Following this, London Business School landed again in second place, securing itself as the leader for Business in Britain once again. Also featuring in the top 10 for the UK was LSE in 9th position with Oxford and Cambridge landing in 7th and 8th place respectively.

The universities ranking is calculated using the institution’s reputation with academics and employers. It also looks at the number of research citations, within the Business and Management sector, that the department receives and this is how the list is collated. However, as most of us have already selected The University of Leeds as our chosen institute we thought it would be useful for upcoming graduates to know how the rankings stand from a UK perspective and where employers go when searching for prospective graduates.

According to The Complete University Guide for 2017, St Andrew’s is ranked at number one for Business and Management studies. Leeds has moved up one place from last year and is now at number eleven, beating Manchester, Newcastle and Edinburgh. The study looks into entry standards, student satisfaction, research quality and graduate prospects to then calculate an overall score. Something that gets mentioned all the time, especially within the Business School is graduate employability. How well prepared are we when we enter the workplace and how will we fend against other graduates when competing for these sought after jobs? The Times Higher Education asked UK companies who they thought were the best at gearing up students to enter the workplace. Cambridge and Oxford are one and two and Leeds sits in equal position at number twelve. However, graduate recruiters in The High Fliers report, The Graduate Market 2017 ranked Leeds at number 5 in the most targeted universities in the UK.

For 2017, both The Guardian and The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2017 has placed Accounting and Finance at Leeds in first place. In 2016 the Financial Times Global MBA Rankings put International Business at Leeds as number one in the world. Overall, it seems like Leeds and especially the Business School are doing pretty well and as future graduates I think we’re in good position. But would you expect anything less? We did get University of the year…

By Jess Jones

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