Glass Animals @ Beckett, 11/3/17

Last summer’s release of Glass Animals’ second album How to Be a Human Being saw the band begin to break through into the mainstream. They’ve gone from being four individuals who used to stand timidly behind their instruments to a group who thrive off of the energy their devoted fans give them. Special mention must go to lead vocalist’s Dave Bayley and his zany dance moves, who has definitely grown in confidence and become outlandish in his role as performer and entertainer.

Bands, particularly those in the smorgasbord that is the indie genre, are often criticised when they drift into the mainstream during their development as artists. No such disapproval has been given to Glass Animals, which I would attribute to the infectiously catchy nature of their new material and their seemingly endless supply of energy. These two factors have made the shows livelier and impossible to not enjoy, regardless of your level of familiarity with the band’s music and lyrics.

Overall, Glass Animals’ show felt like a whirlwind, and so my only criticism is that the show was over too fast. With a set of only one hour and an encore of two songs, it felt like Glass Animals could have stuck around a little longer. Only four songs from debut album ZABA were featured, so they could have perhaps added a couple more from this to complete the set list. Nonetheless, I’d recommend seizing any chance to see this band live- you’re guaranteed a fun couple of hours.

Glass Animals Beckett SU -13Clare Redman

(Images: Clare Redman)

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