The Haze by Pulled Apart By Horses

As Tom Hudson sings “I’m melting faces quite literally”, I cant think of a better way to describe Pulled Apart by Horses’ new album. Whilst listening to The Haze there is an urge to learn all of the lyrics immediately, so that you can revert into the rebellious teenager you always wanted to be, and scream along to an album that beckons to be played loud.

This is Pulled Apart by Horses’ follow up to 2014’s studio album Blood, and it would seem the Leeds locals just keep getting better and better.  Opening title track ‘The Haze’ immediately hits you with the raucous scream of Hudson’s vocals, shortly followed by the blunt and riotous rip of guitar.  Encapsulated in these mere 30 or so seconds is the promise of a ferocious, no nonsense, rock n roll record.

The chaos of strong guitar, snarling vocals and heavy drums run throughout the album. Songs such as ‘Hotel Motivation’, ‘Neighbourhood Witch’ and ‘My Evil Twin’ provide that typical scuzzy, head banging feel which makes this album so fun to listen to. My personal favourite from the record is the emphatic single ‘The Big What If’, the music video of which features Leeds university’s very own Rodger Stevens building.

Even songs that provide a small break from this chaos such as ‘Prince of Meats’ are unable to escape that engrained hard rock ethos of Pulled Apart by Horses. Q magazine have said in response to The Haze, “As true onstage as it is on record, the more Pulled Apart By Horses yield their chaotic instincts, the greater they become”.

This is an album destined for mosh pit-inducing live shows, certainly not to be missed as the band are now on tour following the release of this excellent album.

Phoebe Berman

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