The Hubbards @ Trinity Church, 24/3/17

Having already taken their home town of Hull by storm, lad band The Hubbards gave an unmissable performance at Leeds Trinity Church last week, wowing the crowd with their feel good indie tunes. Named as the City Of Culture’s Ones To Watch, The Hubbards’ performance to the people of Leeds was the perfect example as to why this is a band that is putting Hull on the map.

With a fair few people bustling around the unique venue, The Hubbards kicked off their set with their new track ‘Just Touch’, a catchy song filled with cool guitar rifts and infectious lyrics. As the song got going, frontman Reuben’s vocals echoed around the trendy church, acting as a mecca for the swarm of gig goers that began to fill the venue. The frontman welcomed the crowd in his distinctive Hull accent, announcing them as the “‘ubbards” before breaking out into one of their more popular songs, ‘Is It Me?’. With the track gaining over 17,000 plays on Spotify, it was no wonder that the venue saw a fair few people singing along as the The Hubbards played the song with energy and passion.

the hubbards 2

As the set went on, the quartet continued to wow the crowd with their addictive tunes from their past EP’s, eventually playing one of their slower songs ‘Alison’, a feisty song with strong vocals and pulsating drums, mixed in with a hint of mellow guitar strings. The Hubbards’ performance of the song soon made it clear that this was a band who play with life and spirit as each member of the band gave it there all for one last time before drawing the set to an end.

In the past few years there has been a lot of speculation on Hull and its infamous status, however bands like The Hubbards are the perfect example as to what the little city on the Humberside has to offer. Next time you want to judge Hull, check out The Hubbards are see what this year’s City Of Culture has to offer to the alternative music scene.

Words and images by Sarah Oglesby

the hubbards 3

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