Limit: The Social 002 at Wire 22/03

After the success of their first ‘Social,’ Limit UK came back to wire last Wednesday, to host ‘The Social 002,’ an event focused on showcasing the maximum amount of talent in a minimum space of time. Although a slightly difficult bouncer at the beginning of the evening tried to refuse entry, claiming it was ‘too early,’ our group of six, stubborn girls loaded with the information of the event page quickly refuted him, and the queue was quickly let in so we could get on and enjoy what The Social 002 had to offer.

Nevertheless, this slight inconvenience was in no way the fault of Limit, and was more than redeemed by the event itself. Kicking off the night was Primal Sound’s resident Douglas. Despite an early slot, the crowd were really moving to the heavier house grooves and hints of techno, stylishly setting off the tone for the evening with a unique twist of afro-beat influence. More notable sets came from Loop Hole’s Tom Drew, whose combination of sporadic disco-style vocals woven into house and techno was also impressive. The techno/trance undertones of the Unsung Collective also went down well, and the ever-growing crowd was more than singing its praises.

But these names only show a few of the selectors on offer. The unique quality of Limit’s ‘The Social’ is that it really is a social occasion. Each DJ got a 50-minute set meaning a huge range of talent could be displayed in a packed in space of time. It also meant that the sound was constantly changing, from the heavier, driving sounds of residents Mezla to the funkier, techno beats of B.K.R, the overall mix of genres kept everyone in the crowd happy. The crowd also grew as the night went on, with a perfect ‘busy-yet-not-packed’ vibe by the end of the event.

Look out for The Social 003 April 26th

Amelia Whyman

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