Things I’ve Never Said by Frances

A pretty nice way to unwind after an essay I guess – or equally as nice to listen to whilst procrastinating writing an essay… She reminds of a younger, female Tom Odell with her incredible voice and simplistic tunes. Frances produces sweetheart melodies perfect for a dusk listen and before you know it, her album Things I’ve Never Said is back at the start and ready for some more lovin’.

I first came across Frances when I was introduced to her song ‘Grow’ about a year ago now. It’s one of those songs that touches the heart and you know within the first few seconds that you’re going to adore her regardless. This tune features a catchy piano beat and raw lyrics and shows off pretty amazing talent from the 23-year-old.

If you want a lush Spring album to listen to and not worry about pressing skip on shuffle constantly then this is the album for you. Her bubbly tune ‘Under Our Feet’ has more of a head-bopping and toe-tapping beat and I noticed how I unconsciously had a grin on my face during this song. ‘Drifting’ and ‘Say It Again’ grew on me too. Now these are songs that you just would love to hear live, for her voice, for the atmosphere, for the purity. I can just imagine the swaying arms now.

You can just tell that Frances pours her soul into her lyrics and it’s invigorating watching this fresh talent grow. Check out Frances live in Manchester on 3rd April and just be wowed.

Anika Vadukul


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