Single review: ‘Long Time’ by Blondie and Dev Hynes

It appears that despite being the age of 71, Debbie Harry remains coolest of the cool and ultimate, all-round goddess. Always in keeping with the zeitgeist and ready to embrace contemporary style, Blondie never shies away from a quirky collaboration. This latest union takes form in the track ‘Long Time’ with none other than Dev Hynes a.k.a Blood Orange.

The track remains firmly in the bracket of ‘classic’ Blondie with a Heart of Glass-esque opening and a guitar which can unmistakably be attributed to only Chris Stein. Harry’s vocals embody a sense of nostalgia for an era of 80s pop while simultaneously possessing an element of modernity.

From Parallel Lines (1978) to Panic of the Girls (2011), a distinct desire to collaborate and communicate with new artistic styles is apparent throughout Blondie’s extensive career. Over the last forty years, the pop-rock group have embraced the ever-changing dynamic of the music scene while still maintaining their unmistakable identity. ‘Long Time’ is no exception with its uplifting tones reaffirming the iconic status of the ever adaptable Blondie.

Ellie Montgomery

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