Arc, Headingley – The perfect way to ease those mid-Otley Run munchies

We all know Arc as that slightly classier stop on the Otley Run, but did you know it also serves food? And pretty good food at that. Following the launch of its brand new menu, Jessica Murray went down to check it out….

At first glance, there’s nothing remarkable about Arc’s food offering. Pizzas, burgers and a dash of Mexican cuisine, it appears to be pretty standard restaurant fare. But as we saw dishes passing our table on their way from the kitchen, we began to sit up and take notice. Pizzas big enough to feed four, and loudly sizzling dishes of spicy chicken were making their way across the room, and our stomachs began to get a little bit excited.

I went for the slightly unusual oriental duck pizza, while my diner in crime played it safer with chicken fajitas.  I knew my risk had paid off when I could see him eyeing my plate up jealously from the other side of the table.  With a fresh crispy base and sweet hoisin plum sauce, topped with duck pieces, mushrooms, peppers, spring onions, fresh chillies and mozzarella, this was a heavenly pizza. I’m a big fan of duck, but rarely eat it outside of Chinese cuisine so I was intrigued to see whether duck on pizza actually worked. My verdict? It bloody well did. And for just under £10, the 12 inch pizza was an absolute bargain; I could only finish half on the night, and took the rest away for a midnight snack. Forget meat feast, this is the pizza I’ll be craving after a night out. (FYI, Arc are available on Deliveroo).

Oriental duck pizza, chicken fajitas and sweet potato fries

Meanwhile, my fellow diner was tucking into his dish of sizzling chicken and vegetables, accompanied with soft tortilla wraps, guacamole, sour cream, salsa and cheddar cheese – the perfect fajita spread. The chicken had a spicy kick that wasn’t too overwhelming, and the combination of fillings along with the peppers and onions made these fajitas the nicest I’d tried in a while, even if the recipe wasn’t anything unique.

Salted Caramel Pretzel Shake

The only disappointment of the night came in the form of dessert. We ordered one of the Freakshakes, a monster salted caramel milkshake topped with a doughnut, fluffy marshmallows, a waffle, lashing of whipped cream and salty pretzels. While the presentation was impressive and the toppings delicious, the milkshake itself was on the bland side – all vanilla and no caramel.

Overall, however, Arc have got it spot on by offering a menu to suit all tastes at reasonably low prices. All the main meals were under £10, and their 20 inch mega pizzas, which could easily feed three or four, were under £20. With an extensive salad option and a host of ‘Good Stuff Burgers’, there were plenty of healthy options as well. So if you fancy an alternative to the Headingley usual pub grub at cheap prices, Arc is perfect for your next housemate meal, and those 20 inch pizzas would be ideal to ease those mid-Otley Run munchies.

Jessica Murray

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