Dear Simon Amstell, please forgive us for our carnivorous sins

It seems that veganism is the new black. I have considered becoming a vegan, and am making cute baby steps towards such an outcome. Enter Carnage: Simon Amstell’s new mockumentary featuring a future world where everyone is a vegan.

Amstell has created pure brilliance, it is 2026 and our future generations are struggling to cope with the fact their ancestors used to consume animal-based products. My favourite scene featured what was essentially an AA meeting for ex-meat eaters called a ‘carnal support group’ where they had to name a cheese they used to eat… Cue a breakdown at the thought that nearly every vegan has probably been asked ‘but what about cheese?’ or even better, ‘I could do it… if I didn’t have to give up cheese’ (Guilty).

The humour is surrounded with words such as ‘genocide’ and the best line of the show, ‘curdled milk of raped cows’. No matter how funny such extremities are, if you take a step back you’ll see that’s exactly what the industry is. If anything, Amstell’s highlighting of the absurd marketing campaigns that surround all animal products is enough to make you think twice. Perhaps humour is the best way to get people to think about what they’re eating, where it’s coming from and what kind of practices the industry implements to get the produce on our tables. With mock activist Troye King Jones murdered a revolution ensues. Watch out for the feature of JME and be prepared to be a little bit disgusted with yourself if you’re not a vegan. Carnage isn’t condescending like the Vegan troupes you hear of all over the internet, it’s pure brilliance and had me laughing all the way to Tesco’s to stick with my coconut milk substitute forever… Every little helps, right?


Rianna Julian

(Image: BBC)

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