Five Things to Expect from The New Bake-Off Tent…


  1. Less Mary…

First things first. There remains an ominous cloud over the sunny weekend of baking as Mary Berry will be universally missed at the Bake-Off tent party. However, as her Majesty reigns over, the released names of the new line up make the forecast actually seem rather sunny. Comedians Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksivig will make the new presenting duo. Whilst Restaurateur Prue Leith will be Paul Hollywood’s new sidekick judge.

  1. The party has started!

The party always starts when Nan goes home to bed, and with Mary Berry choosing to depart from GBBO, the daring Broadcaster Channel 4 takes over transmission with things almost certain to get a tad more mischievous. The rebellious nature and risqué outfits from new presenter Noel Fielding will spark even more cheekiness in Paul Hollywood’s dreamy blue eyes. He makes an an all too tempting invite to devil with debauchery and his humour makes even more room for innuendoes about the sexualisation of bread. The alcohol quantity in the Rum cakes should definitely be increasing! We also want a spin-off show on E4 that films the cast and crew when they all go down the local Weathersoons for a pint, soaking up the last of the Sunday sun after their weekend of hard grafting.

  1. More Competitiveness.

Now with the Channel 4 brand worth £20 million, the fight for star-baker in the tent heats up and there erupts an IQ battle between a QI host (Toksivig) and an 11 Honorary Degrees Entrepreneur (Leith). The new additions raise the bar, making the judgement harsher and the stakes a lot lot higher.

  1. Seeing more of Britain’s talent

Middle-aged men are no longer afraid to put on the floral pink pinny as the label now reads a unisex item. Talented Citizens of all natures are invited to be crowned the People’s Baker. The sincerity of the name Great British Bake Off is it’s invitations to all people and all things British in 2017. Nadiya Hussain has an earned an understated National Treasure status as we befriended her compassionate charm and baked her Indian Samosas from her No.1 cooking book Nadiya’s Kitchen.

  1. Less ‘Boring BBC’ and more ‘Cool Channel 4’

The tent seems to be a more informal place to be this year. Being the co-founder of the Women’s Equality Party, the feminist nature of Sandi Toksivig will only intensify the always driven motto of representing the minority in Channel 4. With Fielding’s ‘dare to be different’ quirk, the comedic duo are obliged to stick to Mel and Sue’s formula of fun, flirtation and distractingly fiddling with everyone’s stuff. The Bake-Off Tent party needs a boom box set up and a disco light fixed to its ceiling. Now let everyone kiss Nan goodbye, the party is set to being!- Where’s the rum cakes?


Harry Jenner

(Image: Book Riot)

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