Little Comets @ Stylus, 17/03/17

Walking down the union stairs towards this gig, I could only wonder what Union worker runs Stylus, and why they clearly despise any music released in the last 5 years. Normally home to the noughties cheese-fest that is Fruity, Little Comets graced the stage on St. Patrick’s Day, bringing their own brand of nostalgia- that of an early-teen indie distinction. The main variation from Stylus’ normal style, is that Little Comets crafted tunes which were not just danceable, but also complex, well composed, and lyrically intelligent. Despite being admittedly nonplussed at the venue, the double pints- courtesy of St. Patrick -soon soothed my burgeoning elitism.

The opening band, Eliza and the Bear, brought their own listenable yet ultimately forgettable brand of indie. Their formula was well tread, playing out sounds which arguably could have made them very famous, if they were released 6 years earlier.

Having seen Little Comets in their heyday, I came expecting energy on stage which would transfer to a party attitude in the crowd. The band are older now, their hyperactivity tuned down, but they have developed a stage manner which generates electricity with little direct agitation. Anecdotes were met with cheers, mosh-pits created with jangling guitars.

The band were aware that their appeal lies in their older tracks, with the majority of their set pulled from In Search of Little Comets and Life is Elsewhere. Tracks such as ‘Adultery’, ‘One night in October’ and ‘Joanna’ had stood the test of time, sending the crowd into raptures.

Leaving the event, it struck me how much of the crowd was made up of those below 18. For the first time, I felt jealous. Little Comets generate a peculiar form of nostalgia, and hearing them on stage almost feels wrong. They produce the sort of music that should be listened to whilst getting pissed on 2 litres of strongbow in a field with your mates.

Reece Parker

Image: [The Upcoming]

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