Love In The 4th Dimension by The Big Moon

Having become NME’s 2017’s Ones To Watch and releasing single after sensational single, The Big Moon’s debut album Love In The 4th Dimension is finally here. And oh my god, it was worth the wait. Switching in and out of both new and old songs, the London girls’ new album is enough to send anyone to the moon and back!

As you hit the play button the first thing that oozes out of your headphones is the delicious guitar riffs of the good old classic, ‘Sucker’. With the seductive vocals of Juliette Jackson penetrating your ears alongside the hazy rhythm of Fern Ford’s drums in the background, the song signifies that this is going to be a cathartic album complete of musical twists and turns.

With ‘Sucker’ being followed by new single ‘Pull the Other One’ as well as oldies ‘Cupid’ and ‘Formidable’, it is TBM’s new single, ‘Bonfire’, that really presents this record as the perfect soundtrack for a glorious rebellion against love. As the song explodes, it plunges you into a frenzy of drums and guitar riffs, yet as all this calms down, Jules’ enchanting vocals draw you in with the lyrics “Take me to your leader// Show me how you play’. With the energy of Soph Nathan’s Guitar giving the song that hint of attitude, ‘Bonfire’ is a song that screams classy anarchy.

Slowing down the pace, the song ‘Love In 4th Dimension’ starts as a somber tune with a mellow tone. However, the girls don’t keep this up for long as they hit back and forth with brief explosions of sound. As the vibes and the mood of the song continue to alter, TBM send you into a dimension of your own imagination.

Fittingly, The Big Moon’s album comes to a finish with ‘The End’. As Juliette enters into the song with the hopeless lyrics “Boy I’m afraid I’m falling for you// Dig me a hole to crumble into” followed by Soph’s sweet guitar strings, the song perfectly encapsulates the overall feeling of the album. Despite being their last song, TBM continue to surprise as Jules, Soph, Celia and Fern all come together one last time with passion and life, drifting off one by one with the lyrics “Im melting over you”.

Without a doubt, Love in the 4th Dimension is an excellent example as to why The Big Moon are blowing up the music scene! With the album already being Rough Trade’s album of the month, their upcoming shows are bound to be mental. Don’t miss out!

Sarah Oglesby

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