DKMNTL-10YEARS02 // Call Super + Shanti Celeste

To celebrate 10 years of throwing parties and releasing high quality underground electronic music, Dutch label Dekmantel are doing a series of releases in 2017 with some of the most prominent and well respected names in the game, such as Motor City Drum Ensemble, Ricardo Villalobos and Palms Trax. In each month from March to December there will be a new release, with Roman Flugel featuring on the first last month. On the second release of this ten-part series, Call Super and Shanti Celeste step up to the plate.

The first side of the record is a nine-minute odyssey produced by Call Super, arguably the up-and-coming star of 2016. The track, ‘Fluenka Spoke’, sets a scene of mystery with a beat-less build-up of melodic synths and intriguing sounds which draws the listener in. The tracks glitchy beats and layered synths creates music for losing your mind in the heat of a set. In a genre sometimes criticised for being formulaic and unoriginal, the Berlin based producer provides a breath of fresh air with a deep and absorbing song that will leave you in a pleasant daze.

On the flip side, the Bristol based Shanti Celeste shows a darker and more weighty aspect to her productions with ‘Hinoki’. High tempo and upbeat, Celeste here creates a party atmosphere that will get techno fans to move their feet. Pressing stabs layered with trippy bleeps make up the track, which whilst lacking the productive genius of Call Super’s, is still a worthy contribution to one of the hottest labels of the time.

Both Shanti Celeste and Call Super feature at this year’s Dekmantel Festival in Amsterdam.

Lawrence Cwerner

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