Campus Watch: Delhi University looks to introduce lessons on how to use Facebook effectively

Facebook has become an everyday aspect of the lives of people all across the world, and now Delhi University hopes to add “Facebook post writing” to its English curriculum. Alongside this, there would also be opportunities for students to learn about how to write an engaging blog post or cover letter.

Many people can probably recount a time where they have seen something that has been posted on Facebook that is badly written or disrespectful, but does this necessitate it being something that is studied?

Delhi University is one of the top in India, and alumni include their current prime minister, Narenda Modi.

The head of the university’s English department, Professor Christel Devadawson, said that Facebook skills would be part of a non-academic module to teach vocational skills.

This is not the first time that a university has taken an academic approach to Facebook – the University of Salford has offered a master’s in social media since 2009.

Polly Hatcher

(Image: Fuccha)

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