The Late Night Legacy @ Lending Room, 21/4/17

On stage, the Leeds foursome are irrepressible. Frontman Ryan Kitto flies across the stage, supplying tantalising vocals as he surges through every song while guitarist Robert Orange ensnares you with spine-tingling riffs. Bassist Kyle Metcalf slaps back with chugging basslines, and drummer Joshua Stayman is a blur of arms and cymbals as he steers the band with his pulverising beats.

A song called ‘Spiders’ was definitely a stand-out tune, with its witty lyrics and roaring melodies playing homage to The Late Night Legacy lads’ capability for quality song-writing. Somehow, Kitto managed to deliver crystal-clear vocals throughout despite his leaping and lurching, with which he ensured that no inch of stage was left untouched.


Those in the crowd who were stood at the front of the stage were hit frequently with gusts of air pulsating from the amps, testimony to the tornado of energy that had erupted on stage. The LNL lads were drenched by the time they played one last song; “Because that’s all we’ve got left in us!”, panted Kitto. 

In one final flurry, the band poured everything they had left into a set-closer of break-neck velocity, beaming from ear-to-ear until the end.

Meg Firth

Images: Meg Firth

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