Booking on a Budget: Summer Guide

  • Berlin

As capital cities go, Berlin is remarkably cheap. There is something to interest everyone – the clubbing is unrivalled, the history of the city is presented in such an amazing way and the food is cheap and tasty. The shopping is also great, and every Sunday there is a huge flea market at Mauerpark followed by karaoke in the afternoon.

When it comes to clubbing, Berlin is the capital of techno and the clubs are unlike any others in the world, often staying open until midday. During the day, there are plenty of cheap (or even free) activities to do, such as visiting the many museums or walking down the East Side Gallery. The cathedral is beautiful inside, but the real treat is when you make it to the top where there is an amazing view of the city.

Return flights from £26 (June from Stansted)

  • Timisoara, Romania

Timisoara is perhaps best known as the gateway into Transylvania, but should really be recognised for the beautiful flowers and rich culture of arts galleries, museums and theatre.

The average cost of a pint is under a pound and the old Timisoreana brewery offer tours. The cultural background of the city is very diverse, which means that the city hosts a wide variation of cuisine. For those who are interested in history, Timisoara is the home of the 1989 Romanian revolution that ended with the execution of the dictator Ceausescu.

Return flights from £17 (June from Stansted)

  • Lisbon, Portugal

For me, the Pasteis de Nata (custard tarts) are enough of a reason to visit Lisbon on their own! However, it also has the bonus of being near to the beach, and the best spots to surf can easily be reached by shuttle buses that depart from the centre.

The beer in Lisbon is really cheap, and there are some incredible bars too, such as Park Lisboa which is situated on top of a car park. The city is also rich with culture, with an amazing Gothic monastery and great street art. If there aren’t enough reasons already to visit Lisbon, it is the sunniest place in Europe and gets an average of 2,799 hours of sunlight per year.

Return flight from £54 (June from Gatwick)

  • Morocco

Morocco is probably the closest you can travel with the biggest difference in culture and, with cheap flights too, this is perfect for anyone who wants to feel like they’ve travelled far but without breaking the bank. Try haggling in the medinas in Marrakech, hiking in the Atlas Mountains or relaxing on the beaches in Essaouiria or Taghazout.

If the busy cities get too much, there are plenty of places to relax, such as Chefchaouen in the North, which is breathtakingly beautiful and painted entirely in a gorgeous blue.

The only downside of travelling to Morocco during the summer is the heat, which often exceeds 40 degrees. However, the hostels are cheap and stunningly decorated, which makes them the perfect place to escape from the midday heat.

Return flight to Marrakech from £80 (June from Luton)

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