ALTER w/ Boris at Wire 22/04

It’s been two years since I previewed ALTER’s debut party back in February 2015, and since then the techno collective’s near-monthly events have played host to some of the finest names in electronic music. Bookings have seen the likes of Marcel Fengler, Peter Van Hoesen and Tin Man grace the decks at Leeds’ techno-favourite, Wire, and it’s fair to say that the ALTER boys have fulfilled their promise of ‘programming parties of immersive, modern electronic music, with bold bookings which reflect that ethos’. With Saturday 22nd April marking the last night in their series, it seemed only fitting for me to review their closing event and reflect on the achievements of the past two years, if not least for the sake of closure.

Saturday’s event featured techno heavyweight, Boris, resident of the former OstGut club in Berlin, which has since evolved into the legendary Berghain. The club was refreshingly under-crowded, probably down to the fact that ALTER caters to a distinct niche which has been otherwise underrepresented in Leeds. Boris delivered a dynamic techno-driven set reminiscent of the Berlin sound for which he is so renowned, while his diverse frame of reference, from Kraut-rock to disco, resonated in certain intricacies of his selection.

Aside from a couple of parties over at Mint Club, Wire has been ALTER’s home for the last 2 years, and Saturday’s event marked the end of a chapter. But as the saying goes, when one door closes, another opens and the collective have already hosted their London launch party, with more in the running. ALTER’s next event at Corsica Studios promises sets from Answer Code Request, Artefakt and Dorisburg. The boys are also keen to assure that they’ve not left Leeds forever, planning to return for one-off parties in the future. Watch this space.

Harriet Shepherd

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