Glitter Strands: Leeds’ very own hair trend

If you fancy channelling those sparkly unicorn vibes, why not give glitter strands a go? The new trend is based right here in Leeds.

Renegade Hair Studio in Leeds is home to Glitter Strands, a new hair trend designed exclusively by colour stylist Charlotte Hopkinson. This new trend is perfect for events, festivals and summer style.  If you love glitter and want to do something different with your hair, but don’t want the permanence of colour or the price tag that accompanies it, then this is a great alternative. There’s a huge rang of colours available, everything from turquoise to gold, meaning you can trial out a few different looks.

I tried them out for three weeks and absolutely loved them. I went for a mix of silver and gold, and received so many nice compliments and positive feedback. Charlotte loves what she does and glitter strands have allowed her to exercise self-expression. Colour and glitter are her driving forces, and she thinks they are ‘an important part of a girls life.’

Glitter strands can be traced back to 2010 when Beyonce’s hair literally dazzled at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. Hopkinson saw a gap in the market, bought the tinsel and learnt to apply it to her hair; by the end of the same day, two of her clients had glitter strands in their hair as well. You can choose to have the strands bonded to your hair with keratin bonds which will stay in for over a month or for a more temporary approach have them applied with microbeads which last 1-3 weeks. At the moment prices start from £15. To enquire contact Renegade and ask for Charlotte.

Charlotte is keen to combine the glitter strands with glitter body art, henna and facial glitter at parties, festivals and Leeds based events. For more info follow @Charli_Kiki or Glitterati Cosmetics Ltd on Instagram. She really wants to work with students who have a passion for new experimental trends so if you are interested in photographing, designing or helping run the social media platform then get in touch with:

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