In The Middle with the Girl Sweat Pleasure Temple Ritual Band

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The Girl Sweat Pleasure Temple Ritual Band is the brain child/beast of the Leeds legend GIRL SWEAT and slowly but they’re taking over the world, starting with Bluedot Festival in July. We sat down with the man himself over a warm mug of Buckfast via a crap internet link – thanks Richard Branson – to find out more about the magic and the mystery of the Girl Sweat Pleasure Temple Ritual Band.

How are you, and how’s everything going? Who am I speaking to?

Pleasure upon you William, all is devine and joyous. You are speaking to his highest, Sweat.

You’re playing Bluedot soon, do you approach a festival set different to how you would a normal gig?

All the rituals we are requested to perform are different. We vary which rites and their details as required for maximum and continuing pleasure. Returning to Bluedot festival on the larger stage we shall be performing with our largest selection of followers to date.

Describe the GSPTRB sound in five words

Hyper ritualistic audio-visual onslaught.

How did the slot at Bluedot come about?

Our followers have infiltrated all forms of office. This is merely an extension of our rise to power.

What’s been your favourite gig to play?

At Sounds From The Other City we were recruited by fledgling cult The Sound of The New Dawn to perform a procession and ritual. We were joined by many members of local Manchester bands and ran through the streets of Salford banging drums.

What’s been your favourite gig to watch?

Flamingods are true brothers in bringing the pleasure party with international gusts and spice. We’ve played with them before and will be again at Bluedot Festival.

How important has Buckfast been in your development?

It is the elixir of pleasure and should be consumed by all wishing to transcend mediocrity.

Name the three albums most important in the formation of the Girl Sweat Pleasure Temple Ritual Band.

Albums have not been important in our development, only the invocation of pleasure and power at live shows. The Cosmic Dead are the most brilliant live force in the galaxy. Moon Ra’s ritual performed at Supernormal Festival displayed the beauty of primal intensity. Importantly our love of The Source Family, Father Yod, The Yah Ho Wah 13 and the works of the Fire Water Air Band drove us down our road of truth.

What’s in the pipeline for the GSPTRB in the coming months/year?

We have recently documented some Ritual performances which will be released on vinyl later this year. We shall be releasing more films to spread our message and there will be a live collaboration between ourselves, Suzuki Junzo and Cattle at Assembly House on July 1st.

Many thanks and pleasure upon you.

And also to you.


Catch the Girl Sweat Pleasure Temple Ritual Band at Bluedot festival 7th-9th July. Grab your tickets here.

Will Ainsley

(Image: Nick Wesson)

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