Has ‘The Last Jedi’ slowed down Star Wars?

This Easter Weekend marks something special for Star Wars fans, Star Wars celebration. There has been information on Battlefront II, a tribute to Carrie Fisher and panels upon panels of those involved with Star Wars, so it’s great for huge fans. Oh… and there was a Last Jedi trailer.

I know this trailer is only a ‘teaser’, so there is more to come in regards to footage and before anyone reads this and goes insane the trailer was great!! However it didn’t hit like the first Force Awakens trailer, having similar moments of space battles, explosions, and running away from things/explosions as we’ve come to expect, it doesn’t stand out like Episode 7 yet. The most interesting parts, for their contribution to the plot and imagery is all the Luke/Rey stuff. This grabbed me immensely, but the rest of the trailer had me going “saw this last time”.

The biggest reveal was Luke’s newfound predisposition towards the Jedi. To me is interesting, as the film has so many more secrets to uncover and they are likely waiting for the next trailer to reveal any other significant plot details. But that’s why the trailer is only ‘OK’, it’s a two minute teaser that looks good, but isn’t brimming with plot or details of the film. Sometimes people get incredibly excited about something so whatever they see is amazing, and that seems to be the internet’s reaction.

The Last Jedi is in a difficult position, it has to differentiate itself enough from the rest of the Star Wars universe whilst simultaneously paying homage to the rest, and this trailer struggled to do this, yes it’s only a teaser, but it clocks in at two minutes! I guess what I’m saying is I want more details and footage as I love Star Wars, and this trailer just fell short.

Will Nelson

Image courtesy of Disney

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