Single Review: Lust for Life by Lana Del Rey and The Weekend

Starboy and Stargirl have released another amazing track. Lana Del Rey has featured in two of The Weeknd’s songs, ‘Prisoner’ and ‘Stargirl’, and now he has returned the favour in Lana’s new song ‘Lust for Life’. This is the title track and second single from her upcoming album. The song opens with Lana’s classic Old-Hollywood vibe as she says ‘Climb up the H of the Hollywood sign, in these stolen moments, the world is mine.’

Being close friends and always speaking highly of one another, it is natural that this collaboration would be intimate. The chorus opens with Lana repeating “Take off all your clothes” – certainly creating more than a seductive vibe.

The single has polarised fans as some feel it is too commercial whereas others, myself included, feel it’s a refreshingly upbeat sound. Lana’s collaboration with The Weeknd was bound to gain attention, receiving 10 million views on YouTube in just a few days. The song will likely gain even more recognition once the inevitably epic music video is released. The single’s cover art shows The Weeknd standing behind Lana who is lying on a field of flowers, both of them looking powerful and otherworldly.

As in many of her songs, there is still the sense of reckless abandon and an addiction to love. However, the lyrics appear less troubled than in previous eras such as Born to Die and Ultraviolence. By naming this track ‘Lust for Life’, Lana shows that she has more than one side to her. This is reflected by the new album cover, where she replaces her usual moody pout for a gleaming smile.

‘Lust for Life’ encompasses all things Lana whilst also showing the direction the album is headed; an era far more optimistic than fans are used to.

Lucy Ingram

Image: Idolator

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