Student Advice’s Space to Relax: perfect for exam time

The Student Advice Centre’s Space to Relax is returning to provide you with a wellbeing hub during the often stressful and challenging exam period. We want support you to study and support you to look after yourself, therefore our space is divided into the Space to Relax in Room 5 of the Union and the Space to Revise in Room 4 of the Union. The usual free drinks and refreshments will be on offer, as well as a range of workshops. When the libraries are busy and the exams are getting closer we want to make sure there is a place for you to study, relax and look after your health and wellbeing.

If anyone attended our Light Café in January then they have an idea of what to expect, however our Space to Relax has a twist this time…The theme of our Space to Relax is the outdoors, as we want to take away some of the heartbreak of revising indoors while the sun is shining. Therefore our rooms will be full of plants and herbs, fruity and herbal teas and summery smells!

Taking a break and giving yourself time to rejuvenate is also an important part of revising. To help you take time for yourself we are running a number of workshops alongside our Space to Relax and Space to Revise. These workshops are all free of cost and are designed to boost your wellbeing. They include gardening with Bardon Grange, pottery therapy in the Mindfulness Café, Pet Therapy with Pepper the Labrador, Lishi Tai Chi for relaxation and confidence, a workshop on Breathing Techniques and Meditation, and finally a session which explores the Power of Thought. These workshops all focus on providing you with stress relief and a chance to reenergise so your revision can be more effective. Which workshop will you try out?

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Open 15th May till 2nd June 2017.

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