Chaos as 300 finalists unable to sit 20 credit paper after printing mishap

300 final year Business students were unable to sit an exam accounting for 100% of a 20 credit module this morning, after a printing mishap meant it could not go ahead.

Six pages of case studies were supposed to be included with the Strategic Management exam paper, but these had not been printed off, and with the both the module convenor and lecturer on holiday, no one was able to deal with the situation in time for the exam to go ahead as planned.

Hundreds of angry Business students descended on the School Undergraduate Office demanding more information, and The Gryphon has been told by one student that when it was first suggested the exam would be postponed to 3pm today, students ‘flat out refused’.

However, Business student Nick Knight has told The Gryphon, “We’ve been told we have to sit it at 2.30pm and there’s outrage.”

He went on to say:¬†“On the course he [the module leader] received an unprecedented amount of complaints, to the point where the head of year sent an email to everyone addressing the issue”

Another¬†affected student said of the situation: “Their management of the situation is utterly appalling, their dynamic capabilities of dealing with a potentially major events is also highly disappointing and it’s just a farce. Their scenario planning in regards to what could possibly happen is also appalling.”

More information to follow

Jessica Murray

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