Luke Sital-Singh @ Belgrave, 18/05/17

If there’s anything more impressive than literally just playing the guitar, then it’s playing the guitar with your eyes closed. Luke Sital-Singh wowed the audience with his stunning lyrics and angelic voice at the Belgrave Music Hall. He played to a room filled with fans of all ages as they were silent, ready to appreciate his raw talent.

The night started off with his support act, Ciaran Lavery, showing off his raspy, delicate voice. He and his guitar captivated the room and you could really tell why he was on tour with Luke.

All throughout Luke’s set he humoured the audience with witty jokes and sarcasm bringing a personal feel to the gig. Near enough everybody was laughing. He switched from guitar to keyboard and back to guitar keeping the audience on their feet, gracing us with songs from his new album Time Is a Riddle as well as older songs. It was refreshing to watch the one man alone on the stage with his instruments. We were treated to songs such as ‘Killing Me’ and ‘Innocence’, in which you could really see the emotion in Luke’s face.

One of the highlights of the night was Luke’s execution of ‘Killing Me’. It started off quiet and fragile and then, despite growing in volume and intensity, it somehow managed to retain its fragility. After hearing what this song was about after interviewing him hours previously, it made the song seem much more emotional.

He ended the night with an older song, ‘Benediction’. I had begun to lose hope in the idea that he would sing that but as soon as I heard the first few piano keys my eyes lit up and I just knew it was going to be golden.

Check out my interview with Luke. His album ‘Time is a Riddle’ is out now!

Anika Vadukul

Image: [BBC]

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