Single Review: Back to You by Louis Tomlinson ft. Bebe Rexha

It is my professional opinion that Louis Tomlinson stole the lyrics for his latest single, ‘Back To You’, from the Twitter accounts of his many dedicated fans. This is not a song written by a seasoned pop star, but is in fact the collaborative effort of millions of young women across the world. I mean, come on – the words “you fuck me up” and “I’m on the ground screaming” – could be found at least a dozen times on my Twitter page. The only difference would be that I write it in all caps, of course. Plus, “you drag me down” is definitely a nod to One Direction’s 2015 hit, ‘Drag Me Down’, and the fans love to make such references. It’s a special skill we’re gifted with.

But then, the song is seemingly about a one-sided relationship. Whilst this would usually be an apt metaphor for the fan-artist dynamic, it’s not for the relationship between Louis and his fans. This is something reciprocal, affirmed by Louis’ consistent expression of gratitude to the fans, the way that he prioritises our safety and happiness at events over press, the fact that he has said numerous times that we are his biggest inspirations. It’s evident he means it too – one only has to listen to the tone of his voice, and the fondness in his eyes at a recent fan event to know it.

It’s that love that keeps us coming back to Louis. It’s Louis himself, the way that he is. But it’s also the lyrics that this man writes – the catchy and undeniably clever lines he crafts. I keep on coming back to Louis for his uniquely wonderful vocals, which shine on this record. He sounds delightfully British, the cheekiness of his personality peeking through. It’s also painfully desperate at times, full of pining and frustration all at once. Louis doesn’t have to do anything big and soaring with his voice to convey emotion, because it’s inherent in his voice.

We are also lucky to hear him in collaboration with Bebe Rexha, who’s raspy yet silky smooth vocals are equally unique. You’ll be hearing her on the radio constantly soon, and not just on this track.

As for Louis? Well, if this is a sign of times to come, then we should all be very excited. What this song shows – as if I needed confirmation – is that I chose the right man to keep on coming back to.

Sophia Simon-Bashall

Photo credit: Breathe Heavy <>