Game of Thrones: Has the ‘Hype Train’ Come to a Halt?

No. No, it hasn’t.

However, that doesn’t mean that Season 7 has started off exactly as some would have hoped. Season 7 marks the show’s twilight hours; it is finally steering towards an end. The premier certainly shows this, ending with the incredibly powerful moment of Daenerys finally arriving in Westeros.

Unfortunately, it seems like the season premier was missing something. The opening shot of the White Walker army displays incredible imagery and is a testament to modern television, but it felt as if the premier on a whole was missing something. Was it action? Was it heart wrenching moments? Maybe it was just setting up the end to come. If so, it definitely did a great job.

I’ll tell you what it didn’t need: Ed Sheeran. I bet nobody knew that Mastodon’s drummer Brann Dailor also had a cameo; likely due to the fact that it wasn’t so on-the-nose. Seriously? You get Ed Sheeran to sing before he even appears? That’s just annoying. Why does his cameo have to be so high profile? It’s just so unneeded that it hurts.

With that out of the way, it’s worth getting back to certain character appearances. The Hound’s ‘Lord of Light’ revelation might aid in his character development as the show progresses. To be fair we have seen his character change before, like when he was with Arya. Jaime and Cersei’s divide also keeps widening. Cersei’s ‘powerful woman’ persona seems to be blinding her slightly, as Jaime is trying to be realistic. Perhaps he will be the one, if anyone, to finally kill her.

So what else could happen by the time the show wraps? Will The Wall come down? It’s more than likely. Hopefully the rumoured Ice Dragon will come flying out. I can dream! Speaking of, there’s a certain other character who can dream. That’s Bran with his ‘warg’ powers. There’s a great theory that helps pin Bran as the catalyst behind the events of the entire show. After the Hodor twist (I’m still emotionally ravaged by that moment), some people have theorised that Bran will attempt to warg into Aerys Targaryen in the past to stop any of the shows events from ever happening, but in the end he will send him mad from this, thus starting the whole series. This would neat way to wrap it up.

The most important question, however: Who will sit on the Iron Throne in the end? Daenerys? John? Tyrion (he could be a Targaryen)? The biggest curve ball, and way to keep everyone happy, is to either kill literally EVERYONE or… or just destroy the throne and, with it, the monarchy.

Anyway, Game of Thrones is back, baby! These next few weeks are going to be wild.

Will Nelson

Image: Digital Spy