Glitter Romance: Festival wear all year round

Festival season is over and it’s time to return to slogging over those essays. While the weather decides to get back to its normal cold and rainy routine, which can do everything to make us feel bad, there is still one great thing happening for us funky students who need a bit of glitz and glam at this grey and dingy time of the year.

Even though we’ll no longer be spending all our time bathing in glitter and enjoying our favourite bands under a sunny sky, or sporting our cutest summer garms, there is one affordable festival brand that has just started making clothes for all year round.

Glitter Romance, a cruelty-free, funky fashion label, was created by Wales-based designer and animal rights activist Ida Staszczyk. From the velvet bear boob tube to the holographic mini skirts, all summer needs are made to order.

This new brand specializes in cute and sassy pieces, using high-end synthetic furs and taking the embellished faux fur look to a whole new level. Ida makes sure every single colour and sparkle lover feels represented through her brand, for any time of the year and any occasion. With the winter and Halloween collections soon to be released, warmer, cosier and more fun items will be available to all on Depop and Etsy very soon.

Now there’s no excuse not to sparkle when going out in the city centre or even just heading to one of your lectures! It’s affordable, cruelty free and extremely cute.

Depop: @rosastarr_clothing
Etsy: GlitterRomance
Asos Marketplace (soon): Glitter Romance

Sarah Ashford-Brown