London fresher commutes from North Korea

You might think that the half an hour walk to the lecture hall or a twenty minute bus ride in is pretty bad, but it could be worse. You could be living in North Korea. That’s exactly what  an incoming University of London student is doing this year. The fresher revealed his nuclear response to savings, acquiring a free state sanctioned apartment in Pyongyang in return for simply talking about his experience. Henry Strangelove, a first year nuclear physics student, explained that soaring London prices led him to look for alternative accommodation.

When looking for accommodation the fresher found that his rent would be in excess of 800 pounds a month. The prospect of free accommodation was too appetising to pass up despite the 18 hour round trip. His plan is to stay in the communist enclave through the weekend to Tuesday then flying from Pyongyang to China then back to London.

“The last thing I wanted to do was stay with my parents, even moving to North Korea couldn’t be worse I thought. That’s when an advert popped up from the DPRK government. I laughed it off at first but after checking out I could tell it was genuine.”

After a few phone calls, visits to the embassy and an examination on the history of U.S imperialism Henry was taken on a preliminary visit to the country. There he was told more about the state initiative and met the other students on it.

“It’s a really great program. All of us get along really well, funnily enough it was a coincidence that all 30 of us study nuclear physics!”

Despite recent happenings with students traveling to the country falling ill and heated tensions with America Henry is very positive about the experience, saying that:

“They’ve treated me really well so far. I feel very safe in the country. They even let me take a poster for my flat. University did start a few weeks ago now and I haven’t left. The officials said they’re preparing some documents so it’s fine I don’t mind. I love it here but I am excited to start commuting and see my parents again. Hopefully everything will be sorted soon.”

Christopher Tobin