What’s Your Flavour? Our Guide to Leeds’ Clubs

In a city like Leeds, it’s easy to be bewildered by the sheer number of nights out available. With this in mind, Clubs Editors Dan King and Amelia Whyman give you a crash course of the best the city has to offer.

Cheap ‘n’ Cheesy


£1 entry? £1 drinks? It would be rude not to. Take a trip to Curve to see some 45-degree grinding and head back to the main room to down a VK to Busted’s Air Hostess. You will hate to love it.


Grab your stein and warm up your vocals: Bierkeller has karaoke every Tuesday, selling 2 pints for £4 to get you in the mood. Its all fun and games until you’re 3 steins down and midway through your solo rendition of Natasha Bedingfield’s Unwritten in front of all your new mates.


A Leeds classic and a right of passage for all newcomers. Think cheesy tunes and sticky Union dancefloors. Roll back to your halls afterwards and vow to never go again Until next week obviously.

Funky ‘n’ Fresh

Image Credits: Primal Sound by www.facebook.com/cwphotographics

Primal Sound

Disco classics and a smidge of techno in a revamped Church. Whack on your flares and some obligatory glitter and lose your voice screaming along to Voluez-Vouz next to your pal who definitely isn’t sure where they are.


HiFi houses every genre under the sun from techno to old school R&B. Head to Mixtape Project every Tuesday to dance your heart out to Stevie Wonder or otherwise choose Clarks on a Thursday for dancehall tunes and bashment beats.

Good Life

Big themes. Big décor. Big turnout. See Beaverworks transformed from warehouse to galactic wormhole and get your cameras at the ready for some quality snaps.

Bassline Junkie

Image Credits: Kotchedout productions for www.facebook.com/cwphotographics


A huge Leeds night, with tickets like gold dust. Befriend a ticket seller and get ready for a night of cargo nets, DnB, Bassline, Jungle, and occasionally, free watermelon.


Grime, Garage, Bass and handpicked MC’s all packed into Wire on a Tuesday night. Celebrating its 1st Birthday on Fresher’s Week, it may be young but it’s old school to the core.

Jungle Jam

No guesses for what Jungle Jam is all about. Skank with the bloke from your history seminar and bop about Mint Warehouse to General Levy. Priceless.

Four on the Floor

Image Credits: Flux


A right of passage for Techno and Disco lovers. Lose your mates immediately and replace them with new best friends you find in the UV lit basement. Will you ever see them again? Probably not.


Wire is the place to be for hand selected DJ’s and sell-out events. This Freshers, think Palms Trax, Mall Grab, Joy Orbison and more. Nice.


Got a hankering for some techno but blown your student loan in Bakery 164? Not to worry. Distrikt is technically a bar, not a club, but its bookings regularly put bigger competitors to shame. Entry is generally free, so no excuses really.

Photo Credits: Fruity