Leeds Clubs: What to Wear, Where

Fashion in Leeds, like the city itself, never sleeps. Whilst there are clubs to suit every music taste under the sun, the accompanying looks are equally diverse. Whether you fancy a ‘jeans and a nice top’ kind of night or want to glam up in heels and a minidress, there’s a place in the city for you. But remember, pretty much anything goes and, if you’re planning on staying up ‘til the wee hours, you’ll thank yourself for choosing the comfiest option.

Canal Mills

One of Leeds most notorious music venues, and home to the ‘Edgy Leeds’ student stereotype, Canal Mills is the perfect venue to try out quirky hairstyles, body paint and boob tubes. Expect bum bags slung across shoulders, vintage trainers, Adidas jumpers, and the more than the occasional bucket hat; all purchased from Depop.

         Urban Outfitters: £32

Beaver Works

Comparable to Canal Mills not only in music style, but also fashion sense, the same dress code applies – just with a touch more vintage. Bringing a denim jacket or shiny track top is also advisable for when you undoubtedly end up spending the majority of the night outside in the smoking area, and have to wait 30 minutes for a taxi when it closes at 5am.

Asos Marketplace: £24.95


Think ‘wannabe house DJ’. Mission is filled with girls in crop tops and French braids, and boys in longline T-shirts with short back and sides; both paired with turned-up ripped skinny jeans and some kind of Nike trainer. Here, caps are your friend, especially when they hide the hair that’s inevitably plastered to your head with sweat due to Mission’s tiny and overcrowded rooms.

Miss Guided: £15.50

The Warehouse

Nights at Warehouse will usually be the least stressful in regards to choosing an outfit. Fashion here is the defined by ‘jeans and a nice top’; unless it’s a Wednesday, in which case everyone will be dressed in team-dependant sporting uniform or fancy dress.

Topshop: £38


You’ll probably make more effort to look ‘nice’ for Pryzm than for any other club in Leeds. Instagram worthy contour, check. Missguided T-shirt dress, check. One whole hour spent on your hair, check. Glamming up is fully welcomed here, just make sure you wear a skirt that won’t ride too high when you inevitably trip on your heels.

H&M: £9.99

Lucy Mumford

Image: George Papastergis