Top 5 Places to Eat on Campus

  1. Bakery 164 – Heaven wrapped in ciabatta bread that offers a taste of sunshine for every tastebud alike with an incredible array of delicious sandwiches.
  2. Terrace – Conveniently placed in the centre of campus in our very own union. Offering a roof terrace to enjoy your meal. A tasty sit down option if you don’t want your lunch on the run.
  3. Old bar – a good hefty sized meal that promises a meal as close to mum’s home cooked meals as you can get. A warm and cosy atmosphere, Old Bar is the best place to hideaway from the Leeds winter with a hot lunch/dinner.
  4. Opposite cafe – A cute little cafe offering some of the best coffee around campus and cakes and muffins that are sure to make your mouth water.
  5. The Edit Room – This is the perfect place to take a well deserved lunch or coffee break. Located in the Edward Boyle library you can’t find a more useful excuse to procrastinate that essay due tomorrow morning.

This round up is by no means law and all the other places around campus are great depending on what you are craving. However, these are my top places that offer good prices, decent food and location, location, location.

Bella Davis