Businesses you can (dis)count on as a fresher

…because the more you save the more you can rave 😉

You spent £30 too much on VK’s last night, never mind what you spent on taxis and entry. You’d really like a huge pizza to sort out the hangover, or even just some toast, but your flat hasn’t managed to get to town to find a cheap toaster yet, never mind a kettle for a cup of tea (both 10% off at Curry’s). And your student loan hasn’t come in yet. Something your grades that got you into this Russel Group University didn’t prepare you for, was budgeting.

Good news, firms want to do as much as they can to keep getting your business, even if that means cutting a slice off the price for you. Whether it’s makeup, munch or magazines, as a student, you’re much more likely to get a good deal. Here are just some of the best discounts you can get your hands on as a fresher.

Starting with the thing closest to our heart, food. Firstly, Sainsbury’s is offering £21 off your first £70 shop. A slightly pricey food shop, but as a self-catered fresher you might want to splash a little extra and get all your staples in the first week, delivered straight to your door. Considering the likelihood that you will be too hungover to cook, Dominoes offers a 35% student discount, KFC 15% and Red’s True BBQ will give you 20% off your meal Sunday to Thursday- just a short walk from Lupton, Devonshire and James Baillie. And since it’s the one year you’ve got an excuse to put on a stone, throw in a Krispy Kreme doughnut for dessert with 20% off.

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Not that you’ll want to leave Leeds during freshers’ week, get prepped early with a free 4 year railcard when you open a Santander student current account, saving you 1/3 off all rail journeys. You’ll be thankful for this when November comes around and you’re wanting to go and visit your friends at other universities. Even if the current account doesn’t appeal to you, get 12% student discount off a railcard or 10% off National Express. As for travelling within Leeds, if you’ve never had the joys of using Uber, get £10 off your first ride.

Getting to your introduction lectures in fresher’s week is never going to be easy, but order yourself a free Red Bull from and it’ll make it that tiny bit easier. Even better, treat yourself to a free KFC wings or popcorn chicken, well-deserved after making it anywhere near a lecture room during fresher’s week.

As for everything else, get your 6 month free trial on Amazon Prime and order away.

Chloe Pryce 

Image: [ivansheffield]