One Night With Mall Grab – Review

Jordan Alexander, aka Mall Grab’s, third visit to Leeds since the release of his kick-start debut EP Feel U in 2015 reflected his ever soaring success in the dance and electronic scene. The ‘One Night With’ series maintained and exceeded its renowned reputation as a favourite night in Leeds, crowded with a shoulder to shoulder love for both the artist and his extended set.

After tunnelling down into the unsuspecting venue you were hit with a warming blue strobe which alongside the inevitable eyebrow sweat added to the night’s hazy feel; an appropriate expression of Jordan’s love for dusty house cuts.  Wire’s smaller capacity welcomed an intimate atmosphere, something which Jordan’s previous experiences of Leeds, naming Canal Mills and Beaverworks, arguably couldn’t offer.

The extended set gave greater opportunity for Jordan to showcase his diverse repertoire, a privilege enjoyed by the listeners of his monthly residency at Rinse FM. Early tracks played by the 23-year-old included fellow Australian artist Mic Mills’ Wonderland (Edit) which perfectly eased the crowd into a musically fulfilling night. Soon after, Wire was uplifted with radiant smiles and wonky jumps as the loopy, cheerful beats of Jordan’s record Pool Party Music shuddered through the beer-carpeted floor.

Fans of Jordan’s well known lo-fi and disco-infused tracks were surprised mid-set with the grimy lyrics of JME’s Taking Over and the obscure deep vocal samples which cloud over Mall Grab’s solo production track titled I’ve Always Liked Grime, released in June last year. For those disconcerted amongst the crowd, Jordan later fed their dancing craving with the whiplashing grooves of Van Helden’s My My My and the tender comforting belter that is Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.

After regaining my marbles from Gerd Janson and Shan’s summer highlight Surrender my appreciation for the set was undoubted and shared amongst my beaming peers. A truly unforgettable night enjoyed by all.

Jacob Pitts

Image Credits: Mixmag