Trippy Visions Freshers Party at Church – Review

Adding to the already packed Freshers line-up in Leeds, the week culminated with Trippy Visions bringing their mammoth club night to Church.

It’s a pretty self-explanatory process; as you enter the building you’re handed a pair of high-diffraction glasses, which turns the whole venue into a smorgasbord of intense light patterns. Paired with techno and house beats in the main room, and you’re given the perfect recipe for an immersive experience. If you’re not already off your face before entering the building, then you certainly will be once you don your glasses and begin the experience. The choice of venue alone is interesting, with a strong dichotomy between the eerie stained glass windows of Church combined with the geometric elements of the event’s design.

Décor and production was spectacular, featuring gigantic stacked pyramid shapes in the main room and laser shows. The second room (also known as Get Baked) was a little different, providing bass beats and a more intricate set up of smaller, coloured lights with a warmer, cosier atmosphere.

Sense in Dimensions by Ella Boston Design were in charge of lighting and décor, also selling extra glasses and goggles on the night- if the free handouts just aren’t psychedelic enough for you. The Rave Cave are another of Trippy Visions’ collaborators, designing the diffraction glasses handed out to guests on the door.

Credit must go to the producers of Trippy Visions. The event is only in its infancy, beginning in Manchester in early 2017. To be selling out a 2000+ capacity venue in a new city is undoubtedly impressive, and given the quality of Saturday night they are only set to succeed further. The group is made up of Manchester students, the DJs of which are kept anonymous. An initially puzzling feature, it’s actually quite effective in keeping a sense of continuity and engagement with the night. A prime example of student entrepreneurship, Trippy Visions demonstrates the North’s power as a place of start-ups and a sense of community.

The focus of Trippy Visions is quite clearly on creating an entirely immersive environment, which I believe is a main reason for its success. There are many fantastic nights out in Leeds already, but none which place so much emphasis on a unique environment for clubbers, combining sound and visuals to take the crowd on a journey.

Clare Redman

Image Credits: Trippy Visions