Clubbing with a Conscience

The Leeds nightlife scene caters for far more than just its attendees, with many events donating large quantities of money to charity. Editor-In-Chief Reece Parker gives us the run-down on such events.

The morning after any enjoyable night out, you could be forgiven for thinking that clubbing never did anyone good. One movement currently sweeping Leeds aims to buck this trend, going against the grain of the hedonism driven parties that dominate our city. This movement is ethical clubbing, which aims to couple good quality music with the good will of charity.

The most prominent of these events is Brudenell Groove. Formed from a close knit group of DJ’s, each event they run donates all its profits to a group of charities. Organisations they have provided for range from those on an international scale, such as WaterAid, whilst a recent party at Wire was held in support of Student Minds Leeds and Carers Leeds. Recently, they’ve also focused on perhaps the most pressing issue in Leeds, tackling homelessness through organisations such as Simon on the Streets and St George’s Crypt. Other Leeds events with the same ethos include that of Kontra, who teamed up with other local DJ’s to run a fundraiser for Basis, a Leeds based charity which provides safety, information and support for female sex workers.

Image credits: Kontra

These events owe a massive debt to Rich Reason and his Food for Thought parties. Based in neighbouring Manchester, Rich permitted attendees at these events to pay with non-perishable food items rather than buying tickets. Such a scheme was adopted by the Leeds based The Good Vibes Collective, who delivered an event which raised £355 in cash and 347 food items for the Trussel Trust, who co-ordinate food banks nationwide. Ever a supporter of the movement, Rich Reason played the event for free alongside members of Manchester based collective Levelz.

With Leeds currently gripped by a rise in homelessness, food bank usage and unemployment, the importance of community-led activism has become paramount. The city’s student population, often derided for their lack of real life effectiveness, are right at the forefront of this.

Reece Parker

Featured Image Credit: Brudenell Groove