Songs to Make You Forget About The Rain

This year, The Gryphon: Clubs will bring periodic playlists, curated by our writers, each falling under a certain theme. Inspired by the recent wet weather that signals the end of Summer, Lawrence Cwerner delivers a playlist of sun-soaked tunes to remind you of brighter times. Listen to the YouTube playlist below.

Admin – Ok Carlos

“Picture yourself on a sandy beach with a peach daquiri and give this a spin”. Rarely does a YouTube description sum up a song in such a simple and effective way. The low thud of the beat perfectly compliments the piano and the Santana drum sample, and the strummed guitar whisks you away to the white sand Rio de Janiero. Forget your sodden shoes for a few minutes and try to recall those post exam days in the Hyde Park sun.

O’Flynn – Tru Dancing

Beat those September blues with a peak time festival hit from rising Irish star O’Flynn. Building up and down, the song transitions smoothly from tribal percussion into a disco number, and back again. Another track to cement his reputation as a gifted producer. Available for free download if you’re so inclined.

Voilaaa (feat. Sir Jean) – Spies Are Watching Me

A regular feature of the mighty Antal’s set early this summer, French producer Voilaaa takes inspiration from African and Carribean music in the main single from his 2015 debut album. A song that is a joy to listen from start to finish, from the surly lyrics of Sir Jean to the sax solo and back again. Nothing can rain on this disco track.

Marcus Valle – Dia D

Brazilian master musician Marcus Valle will make you feel good again with his simply incredible keyboard playing. Tap your foot to the beat with a smile on your face as the soulful singing helps you remember than one day, hopefully, you’ll be able to leave the house without a jumper or coat and enjoy the great outdoors.

Joanne Ellis – Bye Baby

A music compilation of forgotten funk & soul tracks from the late 70’s and early 80’s is the perfect remedy for wet and windy nights spent alone in your room. A highlight is definitely this Joanne Ellis song, with her sassy and infectious voice glossing wonderfully over the funky bass. Just stick it on and enjoy.