Council Calls For Uber-Strict Regulation

Leeds City Council has called for stricter regulations around taxi licensing, after Uber was refused a new license in the capital, by Transport for London.

The taxi company, used by over 3.5 million people and 40,000 drivers in London, was described as “not fit and proper” to operate, with London Mayor Sadiq Khan stressing that companies must “play by the rules”.

With Uber set to appeal the ruling, developments are being monitored by authorities in Leeds, who are calling for stronger regulation.

Talking to the Gryphon, a Leeds Uber taxi driver who wished to remain anonymous, said that the current regulations still allow for drivers from other cities to operate in Leeds, which was concerning for accountability and security.

A spokesperson for the council stated that challenging policies and conditions had been implemented in Leeds to ensure public and taxi passenger safety.

“Passenger safety is our priority and Leeds City Council has raised its concern at the increase in numbers of ‘out of district’ private hire vehicles operating in Leeds, which includes Uber vehicles licensed by other councils.

“As such, we are lobbying for a stronger national licensing and enforcement approach to this issue.”

At the time of writing, an online petition has been backed by over 500,000 signatories calling for TfL to reinstate Uber’s license.

Jonny Chard