Agony aunt: evenings in Leeds

What else is there to do in Leeds in the evenings if you’re not into clubbing?

Leeds is a party city, it’s no secret. It can be daunting arriving in a place where the norm is a night out at Canal Mills or Warehouse, particularly if you don’t enjoy clubbing and staying out until the early hours of the following day. You may be worried that you’re the only one out there, sitting at the kitchen table in your new flat, listening to flatmates talk about the latest rave and thinking, “there is no way on this Earth I will enjoy this”. Never fear, there are plenty of things you can do instead.

Belgrave Music Hall is a popular bar in the Northern Quarter known for its indie decor, cosy setting and, wait for it… pizza by the slice. Inviting your new friends for a chat and a couple of drinks, surrounded by fairy lights, is a sure-fire way to impress and have a low stress night. Another one of my favourite places to enjoy a few drinks is LS6 Clock Cafe in Hyde Park. They often have interesting evening events to keep you entertained, such as comedy, open mic, and anonymous letter readings. If you’re into the arts and cool people, you’ll find your place in LS6.


Bear with me on this next one: Have you ever considered going to a trampoline park? I went to Jump Arena with friends on a Saturday night during first year and it was potentially the most hilarious night I’ve had in a long time. In the same category of borderline sporty evening activities (not something I ever thought I would promoting, but here I am), Roxy Ballroom by Trinity is a great place to go with a group of friends. Booking a slot to play mini golf, beer pong or pool, then grabbing a vodka mixer and a bite to eat is a recipe for a memorable night. Drinking alcohol in a relaxed atmosphere is also a good compromise between clubbing and staying in.
An alternative idea is to relax and watch a film at the Everyman cinema. A movie is always a fun time, but the Everyman takes it to the next level with sofa seats and food service. I know, I know: bliss. The selection of movies is a bit limited in comparison to other venues, but the unique experience means that it’s worth visiting.


I imagine that if you invite new friends to any of these locations, you’ll soon realise that more people dislike clubbing than you think. Even if the people you meet seem to party all night long, armed with Jaeger-bombs by the dozen, they’ll almost certainly still be up for a chilled night now and again. University is all about discovering who you are, and there’s more than one way to live life in Leeds.

Emily Merrill

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