Keep on Groovin’ – Brudenell Groove Review

Since June 2016, Brudenell Groove have been revolutionising the local music scene by bringing together Leeds’ DJs, promoters and dancers in order to eliminate the hostility of competition and replace it with cooperation and support amongst artists. If Brudenell Groove couldn’t do any more for the local community, all the proceeds of their monthly parties also go to local charities, thus emphasising their supportive and communal spirit. Last Saturday the charities that Brudenell Groove were supporting were Student Minds and Leeds Carers, organisations close to the predominantly student audience’s heart.

The positivity of this event was reflected in the crowd, who showed up in mass to support the local DJs, so much so that Wire had already reached full capacity just before one o’clock. The atmosphere on the dancefloor was incomparable, and everyone had a smile on their face, happily dancing the night away. The event as a whole had mainly a techno feel to it with some disco elements to add a dash of funk. The Brudenell Groove DJs showcased their collection of records with smooth transitions from track to track. From Josh Wink’s Higher State of Consciousness to Denis Sulta’s A.A.L.A.S, the response was impressive.

The atmosphere of the night was equal to one you’d expect from an event with a world famous DJ, the event was brilliantly organised and musically stimulating. In conclusion, Brudenell Groove got me grooving.

Sally Galula