LUU Wine Society’s ‘Wine of the Week’ – October 2nd

A brand new feature for Society sees LUU Wine Society president Coralie Strong provide us with their member-voted ‘Wine of the Week’. Whether you’re a long-time lover of fine wines, or someone who prefers to stay within the confines of the ‘offie bottle’ category (looking at you, Blossom Hill…), Wine Soc are here to help pick the best of the week, fill you in about their weekly meetings, and get you excited about all things grape.

The Age Old Battle – New vs Old World

This week’s Wine Soc tasting event was a test for both your brain and your palate. Everyone Everyone was shocked by the differences in New and Old world wines and learnt a lot with the quiz. One member was even able to identify a single Champagne producer which is a pretty big feat! Our wine of the week is featured below and available to buy a Majestic for 10.99 when you buy any six bottles or £14.99 if you are only buying one. Here it is; Jim Barry Cover Drive Cabernet Sauvignon from Coonawarra Australia.

Image: Jim Barry Wines

A brilliant wine with a lovely story. The bottle was named in commemoration of the cricket ground on which the Cabernet Sauvignon vines now grow. Jim Barry the wine maker uses the grapes from those vines blended with other parcels from the Clare Valley estate in order to generate a wine with layers of flavour. The wine also experiences time in both French and American oak in order to benefit from both barrels’ individual characteristics. French oak typically gives more toasty, spicy notes whereas American is more concentrated on coconut, vanilla flavours. The wine is rich in aroma with powerful notes of cassis. The black fruit flavours are closer to ‘stewed or baked’ reminiscent of a crumble or jam. The wine has wonderful complexity with layers of flavours, including a herbal notes and strong flavours of eucalyptus also has a powerful, lasting finish giving you the opportunity to keep enjoying the wine long after you’ve swallowed the glass!

Want to learn more about wine? Confused when you look at a list? Or just want to come along at drink good wine? Then wine society is the place for you. We meet every Tuesday with a fantastic tasting event to tantalise your taste buds and make you fall in love with wine.

Our next event is a big one and a Give It A Go. Known as David vs Goliath it’s one of our favourite events of the year. Will you be able to tell the difference between a £5 bottle and a £50 one? Everyone is welcome and no experience is required. We look forward to seeing you buy your tickets online now to make sure you get your place.


Coralie Strong