The fashion capital of the north?

There is a common misconception, as with most industries in this country, that London is the undisputed hub of fashion in the UK. I would argue that we have the potential to rise above London as the new ‘it’ location on the fashion map  with our vast amount of fashion events, organisations, shows and not to mention the incredible street style that glitters the streets of the city. If you’re keen to get involved, here are a few pointers in the way of what to look out for across the city.

First off, let’s start local with one of the most prestigious, exciting events of the year, the University of Leeds RAG fashion show. The 2017 show was a huge success, themed around the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry with some of the most intriguingly creative styling you could imagine, definitely one to remember. There is a vast array of roles to apply for across the show from styling to photography to modelling, an opportunity not to be missed! 

Branching out across further Leeds, this metropolitan hub has had some incredible fashion events. This year alone, the Leeds International Festival saw an incredible Fashion fringe as part of the week’s occurrences featuring only the edgiest of fashion shows showcasing the best of Briggate highstreet, as well as an incredible demonstration of the talent the Universities of Leeds have to offer, featuring our very own fashion students’ work. The fashion fringe didn’t stop there. Across the week, an array of phenomenal speakers took their turn to preach to the people of Leeds high street from the likes of Matty Bovan to Gary Aspden, each with their own intriguing topics to discuss. Leeds International Festival 2018 is seriously something not to be missed. 

The festival phenomenon doesn’t stop there, though, even sooner on our calendars is the arrival of the Leeds Fashion Festival taking place at the beginning of October at Leeds’ very own, First Direct Arena. Tickets start from just £10 and if you’re keen to get involved, there are countless opportunities to volunteer and get a true feel for the works of the fashion industry at its peak.

And of course, there’s one way to get involved with the city’s diverse style that we have yet to mention – joining the Gryphon fashion team! If you want to explore the latest trends, movements and dilemmas within Leeds and beyond, then writing with us is an opportunity not to be missed. Plus, there’s biscuits at the team meetings!

Ellie Tattam