‘As You Were’ by Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher returns with his debut solo album “As You Were”, 26 years after starting his life-changing band Oasis. This album comes after his own claims on Twitter that he’d never do it because he’s “not a cunt” – yet, after a summer of playing festivals and a tour announcement, it’s here.


‘Wall of Glass’ is an appropriate opener, a catchy tune that grabs your attention from the start. This leads into ‘Bold’, which gives a melancholy feeling that’s a bit too obvious. ‘Greedy Soul’ is an in your face rock song – showing us the angry Liam that we all expected to emerge in this album – with a good riff to anchor it. ‘Paper Crown’ is slower, with a distinctive Beatles feel to it and more interesting lyrics. ‘For What It’s Worth’ sees Liam making uncharacteristic apologies to pretty much everyone, which are probably long overdue. ‘When I’m In Need’, a dreamy love song, is a clear ode to girlfriend, and ‘You Better Run’ is a warning – perhaps to current bands that Liam has denounced.

‘I Get By’ isn’t particularly inspiring; the meaningless lyric “only love can break my heart” is eye-roll worthy. ‘Chinatown’ is a pretty dull reflection on modern life and his aimlessness, followed by ‘Come Back to Me’ which is laden with Gallagher’s signature cockiness. ‘Universal Gleam’ has more interesting lyrics, as a sort of positive appeal for fulfillment, and a more wistful sound. I’ve ‘All I Need’ is a good conclusion to the album, as an appreciation of his life and an almost interesting reflection on age and time.

There’s strikingly no rawness on this album, and Liam loses his questionable charm by churning out songs that are too polished. Liam is likable in a strange way, but after this, it seems like he’s just a gobby wanker who’s making some vaguely interesting music off the back of his 90s glory days.


Ella Durant

Photo Credit: NME.com